COVID-19 Retail Response: 5 Ingredients of a Digital-Led Strategy That Drives Business Results

What’s Inside

  • First-hand insights from brands successfully using digital marketing to accelerate business outcomes, including:
  1. Cue Clothing Co.
  2. Brand Alley
  3. World Remit
  4. eBags
  5. Runtastic
  6. City Beach
  • Why now, more than ever, brands must unify their customer data to gain a single view of the customer
  • How brands benefit from focusing on customer lifecycle marketing
  • Why engaging customers at every single touchpoint matters (even when true omnichannel marketing isn’t an option)
  • Why delivering 1:1 personalized customer experiences is critical for building customer loyalty
  • Tips for aligning your objectives to digital-led strategies and tactics that drive results
  • First-hand insights from brands

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