A handbook for success

Your IT organization is undergoing yet another seismic shift. Your software mix is rapidly shifting away from on-premise software. Software as a service (SaaS) is consuming a larger and larger percentage of software spend.

SaaS has become the new norm. And SaaS software and vendor management have become the new challenge as you struggle to navigate this uncharted territory.

But how do you get your arms around SaaS in your environment? How do you manage it effectively? And how do you get maximum return on your company’s SaaS investment?

You’ll find the answers in this handbook—answers that will help you:

  • Optimize SaaS spend and maximize ROI by understanding what apps and features employees are using and focusing investment on those apps and features
  • Manage SaaS vendors effectively with in-depth understanding of their contracts, price models, license implications and renewal specifics
  • Right-size SaaS contracts with detailed usage and cost data that gives you a strong position in contract negotiations
  • Accurately predict future requirements based on historical usage data

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