G2 Crowd Grid® for Sales Intelligence

What is Sales Intelligence Software?

In order to accelerate growth, B2B organizations rely on Sales Intelligence Software to access prospect and account data to maximize results from sales processes, technologies, and overall workflow through the following:

Prospecting Needs:

Ranging from essential contact data to advanced company insights and buying signals, Sales Intelligence Software enables productivity in nearly every stage of common sales cycles.

Technology Enablement:

For every aspect of the sales cycle, there’s a corresponding technology that supports, measures, and scales productivity and effectiveness. In fact, over 50% of sales development organizations leverage 5 or more technology applications. Commonly adopted applications include customer-relationship management (CRM) and sales automation platforms. However, an underlying element which enables the core functionalities of these technologies lies in prospect and account data. Sales Intelligence Software ensures data quality is always correct, complete, and consistent in order to speak to one another and function properly.

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