Transform Your Network with Advanced Load Balancing from VMware

Enterprises are facing an unprecedented need to provide the infrastructure that matches the agility of applications. The network team is under pressure to support remote employees, deliver modern apps, and support a much higher velocity of changes and updates to meet time-to-market considerations.

App-centric organizations are finding that the need for modern, advanced load balancing is mission-critical.

VMware entered the application delivery and load balancing market when it acquired Avi Networks in 2019. In this guide to transforming your network with advanced load balancing, you will learn about the architecture and benefits of the infrastructure agnostic advanced load balancing solution (by Avi Networks) from VMware.

The benefits of advanced load balancing in this white paper:

  • Full lifecycle automation and central orchestration
  • Resilience and self-healing capabilities
  • Dynamic capacity scaling
  • Self-service to meet business demands
  • Simple troubleshooting
  • Brings intrinsic security
  • Migrates easily

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