The Anatomy of 5 Notorious Cloud Data Breaches

Cloud data breaches follow distinct patterns that can be studied and learned from. In our ebook, we dissect five notorious and distinct types of cloud data breaches, breaking down how each was caused and how they could have been prevented. Each of these five is an archetype of a family of breaches. This eBook will detail the anatomy of each type of breach, what we can learn, what allowed the breach to happen, and preventative measures. Specifically, we break down identity and authentication for data storage, public cloud, misconfiguration, key and secret management, overprivileged identities, and insider threats.

Our Anatomy of 5 Notorious Cloud Data Breaches eBook will answer:

1. How each data breach was caused and how they could have been prevented?

2. What allowed the data breach to happen?

3. Which preventative measures can you put in place to protect your cloud?

4. Why are these data breaches the most common types in the public cloud?

5. Who is most likely to be affected by these data breaches?

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